Design A ManCave

Becoming a ManCaves owner and designing a ManCave of your own is easier than you might think. Just contact us and fill out the contract. We’ll help you arrange for financing and insurance, or you can arrange for it yourself.

Once financial matters are finished you receive a deed for the property because it’s yours. You own it and can start to design a ManCave right away! It’s yours to use as you see fit (within city or county guidelines, of course) and sell when and if you no longer need it. Looking for a boat storage building? Need antique car storage? What about a custom RV garage? A ManCave is yours to do what you want with.

Security, exterior maintenance and the upkeep of common areas are the responsibility of the ManCaves Owners Association. For these services, ManCaves Owners Association will charge a monthly fee.

No matter which location you choose, when you design a ManCave, it is insulated, heated, and easy to access. But that’s not all! Check out the 1,000-square-foot ManCaves Owners’ Clubhouse, where you’ll find a kitchen, baths, showers, a big screen TV and much, much more. What is a ManCave? Click here to take a tour!


We offer multiple sizes and shapes of ManCaves that range in size from a 15’x30’ rectangle to L-Shaped ManCaves that are 24’ wide and more than 60’ deep. Prices start at about $59,995, plus a modest Owners Association fee, and come with a long list of available amenities. Floor plans, sketches, layouts, renderings, specifications and square footage calculations for ManCaves are preliminary and approximate in nature, contain general descriptions only and are subject to change without notice.  For more information please contact us.