Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ten most popular things that are put into ManCaves?

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, big screen televisions, musical instruments, off-season sporting equipment, desks, file drawers, LP record collections — wait! That’s eleven things! As you can see, ManCaves is for just about anything, from storage for collectibles to offices to band rehearsal space. You name it!

Is there any time that ManCaves won’t be available to me?

No. ManCaves are available to owners any time of the day or night, any day of the year. You’re the owner, so you always have access, whether you’re using it as an office or as storage for collectibles. If you need to keep Christmas gifts away from prying little eyes and hands until Christmas morning, you can keep them all here at ManCaves. Then come by after the kids have fallen asleep on Christmas Eve, load up your car, and bring the presents home to put them under the tree.

How do I become a ManCaves owner?

ManCaves start at about $59,995, and you can buy yours just like you bought your home. Financing information is available through ManCaves, or feel free to speak to your preferred lender. Your ManCave, after all, is an extension of your own home.

What design options are available with my ManCave?

The options seem unlimited when you’re ready to design your ManCave, and they’re all based on what the purpose of your ManCave is. Are you looking for classic car storage or storage for collectibles of another variety? Maybe you’re an artist or photographer and need a studio away from your home? In need of an RV garage, Need boat storage or a place to store your trailer so it is out of your yard? Check out a few ways to do it and find out what a ManCave is here. ManCaves are a great place to get together with your band, ball team or a bunch of friends.

Can I buy ManCaves with a group of friends?

Yes, ManCaves are just like a home, so you can take ownership anyway you choose: with friends and family, or through trusts or even a corporation. That’s all up to you.



We offer multiple sizes and shapes of ManCaves that range in size from a 15’x30’ rectangle to L-Shaped ManCaves that are 24’ wide and more than 60’ deep. Prices start at about $59,995, plus a modest Owners Association fee, and a long list of available amenities. Floor plans, sketches, layouts, renderings, specifications and square footage calculations for ManCaves are preliminary and approximate in nature, contain general descriptions only and are subject to change without notice.  For more information please contact us.