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Use Your ManCaves unit for Your Boat Storage Building

ManCaves units are the perfect boat storage building because you can make it uniquely yours, to fit whatever need you have as a boat owner. Our units are large and can accommodate most power boats. Plus, with a boat storage building you own, you can outfit the space however you’d like. Want to display your best catches on the wall? (Ambien) How about storing all your water sport gear in the same place? When you own a unit at ManCaves, it’s more than just a boat storage building. You can fit your jet ski, your Sea-Doo, your water skis and a loft area for relaxing and planning your next excursion, all in one place. So contact ManCaves today and design a ManCaves unit that is truly worthy of housing your seafaring vessel and all the equipment that goes with it.



We offer multiple sizes and shapes of ManCaves units that range in size from a 15’x30’ rectangle to L-Shaped ManCaves unitsthat are 24’ wide and more than 60’ deep. Prices start at about $59,995, plus a modest Owners Association fee, and a long list of available amenities. Floor plans, sketches, layouts, renderings, specifications and square footage calculations for ManCaves units are preliminary and approximate in nature, contain general descriptions only and are subject to change without notice.  For more information please contact us.

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