Denver Post coverage

Jennifer Brown from the Dever Post just published a great article about ManCaves.  Click here to read it.  We’re thrilled for the coverage and for all the happy ManCaves owners that have finally found a place to call “Cave”!


Economist article on Freeports

Freeports, Über ManCaves, what in the world is going on?  This article from The Economist highlights a crazy and growing trend surrounding wealth, that is being “parked” in fancy storage facilities. For some customers, they are an attractive new breed of tax haven.  We’d never contemplated creating a tax haven… but ManCaves first location is right across the street from the Centennial airport, maybe we should seek a free port designation?

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ManCaves in the News…

…9news that is.  Gregg Moss recently did a story about ManCaves and our very own Jack Koson made his small screen debut!  If you’ve been wondering what we’re all about, take a few seconds and watch the video to hear it directly from one of the developers.  Are they for sale? What’s the Price? Can i use it for car storage? Just call us at (970)-ManCave (626-2283) or email [email protected].  Thanks to 9news for the coverage.

9news ManCaves from ManCaves on Vimeo.

ManCaves Media Coverage

ManCaves was featured today in the Denver Business Journal.  Here’s the full article:


ManCaves coming to south metro Denver
Looking to build a man cave outside your basement?

Three Denver developers have just the ticket.

Jack Koson, Matt Mullin and Terry Staples plunked down more than $500,000 for a 3-acre plot of land in Broncos Parkway and Adams Aircraft Circle, right across from the Denver Broncos headquarters and training facility for a new development called, of course, ManCaves.

The land is zoned industrial and the men want to take a storage facility concept and make it full adaptable to hold man (and lady!) toys like motor homes, recreational vehicles, cars, motorcycles, boats or even just a pool room where the buddies can smoke some cigars.

Mullin said the idea came to him after he tried to find a space to store and work on his car, but traditional storage units were too small and most industrial spaces were too large, at 5,000 square feet or above.

“What we needed was the right-sized space to do what we want,” Mullin said. “This idea came out of my own personal needs.”

Investors can pre-buy a space (starting at $55,000) and customize it however they want, Mullin said.

“We actually tried to do this in Salt Lake City but ran into some zoning issues,” Mullin said. “Of course the first pre-lease came from a lady … the name just conveys an idea and it’s a pop culture term. We didn’t mean to be sexist or imply ladies weren’t welcome.”

The developers envision a place that’s a man hive on Saturday afternoons, with the smell of oil and maybe wood from a wood shop.

“It will be built in such a way that there will be entertainment uses,” Mullin said, referring to the club house and other man cave possibilities.

The men have experience with luxury developments in Deer Valley Resort Utah, and other mountain residences including Ironwood at Beaver Creek and Ironwood at Keystone in Colorado.

Of course location is everything in real estate so having dozens of high paid athletes driving by daily, likely in nice cars, can’t hurt the business model. Construction will start on the 64-unit, 60,000-square-foot facility when enough owners have bought in.

You can take a look at the plans here.