Denver Post coverage

Jennifer Brown from the Dever Post just published a great article about ManCaves.  Click here to read it.  We’re thrilled for the coverage and for all the happy ManCaves owners that have finally found a place to call “Cave”!


ManCaves are Complete!

If you’ve been on the sidelines, waiting to see how these ManCaves actually look and feel… your time has come!  They are done, and models are open!

Our Grand Opening celebration was a bit delayed, but it sure was fun.  We were so happy to get to know all the current ManCaves owners a bit better, and to see all the great ways you are using your ManCaves. (  We have also had a successful run of sales since the event and are running our of ManCaves quite quickly!

Please call us today, if you’re about to run out of space, or want to pick up a few more toys than you have room for.

Thanks to all those that have made this possible!

-The ManCaves Team


Here are a few pictures from the event.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.31.46 PM Screenshot_2015-10-01-21-17-07-01 20151001_190533-01

Economist article on Freeports

Freeports, Über ManCaves, what in the world is going on?  This article from The Economist highlights a crazy and growing trend surrounding wealth, that is being “parked” in fancy storage facilities. For some customers, they are an attractive new breed of tax haven.  We’d never contemplated creating a tax haven… but ManCaves first location is right across the street from the Centennial airport, maybe we should seek a free port designation?

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 9.28.15 AM

November Newsletter

Our November update is out, check it out!  If you want to receive our monthly newsletter, sign up here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.25.20 PM


ManCaves in the News…

…9news that is.  Gregg Moss recently did a story about ManCaves and our very own Jack Koson made his small screen debut!  If you’ve been wondering what we’re all about, take a few seconds and watch the video to hear it directly from one of the developers.  Are they for sale? What’s the Price? Can i use it for car storage? Just call us at (970)-ManCave (626-2283) or email [email protected].  Thanks to 9news for the coverage.

9news ManCaves from ManCaves on Vimeo.

Bomb-Proof Man Cave

Well here’s a Man Cave you don’t come across everyday, a real-deal bomb shelter!  Built by AT&T after the Cuban missile crisis to allow uninterrupted communications in the event of a an atomic bomb attack, it simply oozes cool!  Besides the blast doors and thick walls, it comes with spring mounted fixtures – including the toilet!  Interestingly, the agent has already identified a potential user as an antique car collector; we’d love to see the collection that ends up there.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 10.14.05 AM

Why Build a Man Cave?

As we finalize our marketing plans, polish our advertising and test the website prior to the June launch of ManCaves we came across this Wall Street Journal Article that perfectly addressed the need for ManCaves.  Our idea was born of a need for more space, but not just a storage box somewhere; we wanted cool space, for cool stuff.  We wanted to be able to work on our hobbies, hang out with our friends, and if we could do that while in a campus of other like-minded folks then all the better.

So if you don’t have the house or lot or neighborhood that will allow you to create one of these mega garages, ManCaves is right for you.  But as the article points our, even if you can add one of these garages to your house, you may not want to, so ManCaves would work even for those that could have what they want right at home.

ManCaves are all about imagination, creativity and enjoyment.  We can’t wait to see what our owners will do to theirs; golf simulators, car lifts, wood ceilings, theaters, or greasy rags and engine lifts – your call.  We’re just excited to get started and this article come to life in South Denver.