November Newsletter

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ManCaves for sports fanatics

We’ve been posting a lot about the vehicle aspect of ManCaves, but there is so much more you can do.  This link has a bunch of photos with some really cool and creative ManCaves that let a sports fanatic live out their dreams.  In talking with some of our current reservation holders there a few folks considering some ideas like these, and we certainly hope they build them out and then invite us over!  What ideas do you have to upgrade your  ManCaves unit?


ManCaves on the Ground

Last weekend ManCaves stopped by Dubs Along the Rockies at Sport Authority Stadium in Parker.  The VAG crowd is always a blast and we loved seeing all the old and new rides out there.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our tent to learn more about our for-sale storage concept, we’re looking forward to seeing more than few VW’s and Audi’s, etc in ManCaves.  We’ll be at many of the car events around the Denver area this Summer and Fall, let us know if you’d like us to come by yours.



Best shop tool ever?

How many times do you get up and down from a dolly when working on your car?  No matter the number it’s always decried as “too many.” But this new contraption just landed in my inbox and could solve that problem for ever!  The Human Hoist hydraulic chair uses battery driven motors to lift and lower you from dead flat to full sitting position, with an automatic deploying headrest to boot.  It could really call into question the need for a full-blown lift, especially in smaller garages.  This is just one of the multitude of cool toys we’ll see cruising through ManCaves in the near future.



Happy 4th of July

At ManCaves we are, by our very nature, arbiters of independence.  So as we celebrate Independence Day we want to thank all those who have fought, sacrificed, supported, and championed independence both here and abroad.

We also want to thank our followers, supporters and reservation holders for their confidence in ManCaves.  We have enjoyed great press coverage, seen strong interest from business and personal buyers and have met a lot of great people; all in only our first two weeks!

Independence is the reason ManCaves exist; whether you want the freedom extra space can provide or a reprieve from the daily grind. Owning at ManCaves will give you the independence you’ve been searching for.  And, you can have one killer 4th of July barbecue!

Have a safe and happy 4th, and please respect the dry conditions throughout the west as you consider your fireworks celebration.

-the ManCaves Team